I am We

I am We

2019, In Production 

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DID (dissociative identity disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder) has been described as one of the human mind’s most brilliant coping mechanisms. When children under the age of eight are subjected to repeated abuse and unspeakable trauma they must find ways to survive. For some, the mind’s mechanism is to compartmentalize their feelings and experiences into separate individual identities, which have their own personality traits, characteristics, and memories. DID is also one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders with no universal consensus regarding its existence, diagnosis or treatment.


I am We will follow the life of several individuals as they and their family journey to the annual An Infinite Mind conference, where more than 300 people living with DID come each year for support, education and sharing. The film will invite us into their world, so that we may better understand how they navigate life with this vastly misunderstood and fascinating disorder.


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2018, In Production  FilmRise

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I am We