I am We

“a master class in empathy and solidarity that left me moved, shaken, and changed.”

—Portland Tribune

I am We

Release in 2023

Willow has been living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder since she was a little girl. Her disorder is a direct result of repeated sexual abuse for more than a decade at the hands of her grandfather. In order to survive, her mind devised a system for compartmentalizing experiences and emotions, by splitting off more than forty separate alter personality states. As more and more of her personality states reveal their memories to Willow about her past, she is forced to confront unimaginable truths about her childhood and her family. While her disorder protected her from knowing the truth as a child, they are now interfering with her ability to live a normal life as a wife, mother and grandmother.


Willow’s family and close friends support her journey of healing and travel with her to the Infinite Mind Conference, an annual conference for people living with D.I.D. The filmmakers have gained unprecedented access to more than 250 people from around the world who are attending the conference to support and share their experiences of living with D.I.D. There is no other conference like it in the world.



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I am We