Docutainment Films

World Cup Dreams

Director, Producer

Ken Berkley is a force to be reckoned with in the world of international horse show jumping. He began his love affair with horses as a small child on his grandfather's humble farm in Massachusetts and spent his life fiercely dedicated to learning his craft and rising to the top of this highly competitive industry. Through interviews with family, friends and colleagues, World Cup Dreams chronicles the struggles and the joys behind Ken Berkley's path to stardom, which proves to be quite extraordinary and a highly entertaining journey.

From The Village We Came

Director, Co-Producer

From the Village We Came tells the story of a woman born into privilege in the early 1900's in a small remote village in the mountains of Lebanon. Tracing her roots back to the local Sheik, the documentary uses family interviews and archival footage to recreate this incredible story of family, survival and community. More than seventy-five years later, the lessons learned in the mountains of Lebanon and from generations before her serve as a family's foundation here in the United States today.

Porsche Live

Director, Producer, Editor

Brant is a 25-year old singer who moved to NYC from Austin, TX with a dream of making his debut on the Broadway stage. To survive, he performs under the stage persona of “Porsche” in local underground NYC nightclubs. Porsche is known for her spot-on vocal impersonations of famous female singers from Macy Gray to Janice Joplan and impersonations are so believable that he is often mistaken for lip-synching. What Brant doesn't realize is that talent, drive and ambition are no match for his inner demons and his Broadway dreams are farther away than he realizes.